Mountain life

I love the ocean and could listen to the sound of waves breaking on a shore all day. For the opposite reason I love mountains for their earily quietness and I’m drawn to them to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We live relatively close to the mountains and can be on a ski slope in about an hour from our house. Drive further and you’re right in the middle of the Alpine region. After three knee operations I was advised skiing or snowboarding was no longer good for me, so my mountain trips these days take place mostly in spring or summer.

A place where we often stay has a view that I could look at for hours. I stare and often wonder, “Is anyone up there right now?” either coming down from a long days hike or even planning on staying the night in a small mountain hut, open to anyone to use en route to get some rest.Ocassionally you’ll hear the sound of a low hum from a helicopters rotors from the mountain rescue team, doing what they are trained to do and rescue those in need.

Hiking gets the legs working and there is usually a trail for people at all levels. Meeting others on the way, there is a kind of etiquette that you just know…a small nod of the head, a quick Hello, everyone keeping to the right, going on their way. It’s almost as if you don’t want to say too much to spoil the silence around you. Hiking gives you time to think, enjoying nature at its best with often limited signal to keep you from screen time that distracts us all in our busy daily schedule.

Whatever is closest to you, be that mountains, lakes, forests or even a park we should all make an effort to get outside, be a kid again and have some fun with nature.